On-line Counselling


Blossom Counselling Services offers individual counselling sessions. Sessions are 50 minutes and are offered remotely via secure video platforms - Jane App or Doxy.

How To Get the Most Out of On-line Counselling
  • Find a quiet, private place where you can talk freely and won't be overheard. If there isn't anywhere at home, you can also sit in your car (parked, of course).

  • If there are others in nearby rooms, let them know you won't be available for about an hour and should not be interrupted. 

  • If there are voice-activated speakers or other devices in the room (such as Google Home or Alexa) unplug them.

  • Make sure your phone/tablet/computer is fully charged before the session begins (having them plugged in can be helpful too).

  • Close other programs on your device that use the internet as they may slow down the connection.

  • If you are using your phone, please ensure the "do not disturb" setting is on. You don't want distracting notifications popping up during the session.

  • Turn your selfie video off if possible (seeing yourself on screen can be very distracting).

  • Ensure your internet connection is stable. Be near your wifi router if you can (and it remains private) or turn on your data if needed.

  • Use headphones or earbuds if you have them. You will be able to hear more clearly and this helps the experience feel more private.

  • Have water (in spill-proof bottle) and some tissues nearby.

  • Try and have a bit of a break between the end of your session and getting pulled back into the rest of your day in order to slow down and process what has happened.

  • If devices other than the one you are using for your session are nearby, turn them off to reduce distractions.

  • Ensure that you are facing a lighting source rather than having the light behind to improve the video quality.

  • Have your pet in a separate room, to reduce distractions.

  • If you have any concerns about the experience, please share them with your therapist.

My Approach

I'm helpless. I'm worthless. I'm unlovable.


Most of our negative emotions and thought patterns arise from one of these three roots. Out of such dangerous seeds spring behaviours and actions which can have far reaching and dramatic influence on our lives and relationships. Left unchecked they wield destructive power.  

My goal is to help you identify the source of the negative patterns in your life. Once identified, together we can gently challenge their dominance in your life and create entirely new alternatives and choices. Planting new seeds, as it were, out of which blossom hope and freedom.   

As your therapist I come beside you to offer non-judgemental support and care. Our work together is truly a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. Maintaining the highest professional standards is foundational in our working together. Blossom Counselling Services abides by the Ethical Code of Contact and Standards of Clinical Practice established by the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.